Nu finns den i handeln, blandad kritik från kritikerna, men den är för oss som gillar Chicago!     

Chicago 22 (Stone of Sisyphus) Är det förlorade albumet som du kanske har hört talas, men troligtvis inte, för dom flesta har inte gjort det. Chicago spelade in  detta album 1992 och var planerat att släppas någon gång under 1993. Enligt min åsikt är detta ett av dom bästa album dom gjort. Reprise Records ratade plattan på grund av att dom tyckte den saknade “commercial appeal”, man ville ha något som garanterade att sälja. Och det som säljer är Chicago ballader. Bandet gav upp, lämnade Reprise Records, dom startade då Chicago Records. Idag har man bytt till ett nytt bolag (Rhino Records). Tack vare detta så har en del av låtarna hamnat bl.a.  på Chicago The Box. Jag tillhör en av dom lyckligt lottade som har två olika mixar  av detta fantastiska album. Fräscha låtar med mycket tryck i blåset samt kokande gitarrer. Det är så här Chicago ska låta, och detta får skivköparen inte ta del av!?

Nertill har du lite information om detta fantastiska album, plus smakprov.

“All the Years”- Appeared on Robert Lamm’s solo album. Great “swing” type feel to this song. Lots of allusions to previous Chicago works mingled in. The “chimes” from a song on Chicago II as well as historical clips of “shattered dreams” are intermingled. A story focusing on fallen dreams.

“Stone of Sisyphus”- Written by Dawayne Bailey. A great uptempo song with rockin’ horns and great guitar. The title has been linked in many ways to the band’s career. If you’ll recall, Sisyphus was a Greek mythological character who was punished by having to push a boulder up a hill for eternity, but right when it got to the top, it fell back down. Many have linked this story to the story of Chicago’s career.

“Bigger than Elvis”- Song written by Jason Scheff for his dad. Talks about his dad’s influence on his life. A slow song, but very well done.

“Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed”- Ever want to hear Chicago “rap”? This song is for you. Great lyrics and a catchy beat.

“Mah Jong”- Never have figured out the meaning of this song, but Mah Jong is a game played by the Chinese very frequently. Nice beat with great horn fills and vocals. Another gem.

“Let’s Take a Lifetime”- One of few ballads on this album. A great song with beautiful lyrics and a wonderful clarinet solo and fill through the whole song.

“The Pull”- Want to hear something with an edge? This is it..... Never have figured out the meaning of this song, either, but it’s great.

“Candle for the Dark”- This song rules. Probably one of the best ballads ever done by Chicago. In-your-face horns and bass and out of this world lyrics by Robert, Jason and Bill make this song a true gem. One that would definitely have been a hit if released.

“Plaid”- Another good uptempo song with a catchy beat. Interesting fills with some instrument I’m not familiar with. Jason, Dawayne and Robert are singing an “oooeee” type lyric fill over the top of the chorus. The songs is supposedly about Chicago's history with record labels. Now that I think about it, the lyrics fit that situation. Great song!

“Cry for the Lost”- Appeared on one of Bill Champlin’s solo albums. Another “social issues” song. Not as catchy as some other songs on the album, but good nonetheless.

Denna låt finns inte med på den cd som nu släppts ? 
“Get on This”- This is the BOMB, baby! This is an “Alice Cooper guitar meets Chicago brass” type song. Heavy metal signatures (courtesy of Dawayne Bailey) blended with awesome horns and weird but groovy lyrics make this song my second favorite on this album. Head-banging is a must when listening to this song.

“The Show Must Go On”- Another excellent gem. Can’t tell you what it means, but it’s good! Excellent harmonies by Jason on one part of the song.



Tryck på smakprov om du vill höra lite från den!

All The Years / 4:16 Lamm, Bruce Gaitsch
Stone of Sisyphus / 4:12 Bailey, Loughnane
Bigger Than Elvis / 4:31 Scheff, Peter Wolf, Ina Wolf
Sleeping in The Middle of the Bed Again / 4:45 Lamm, John McCurry
Mah Jongg / 4:24 Scheff, Brock Walsh, Aaron Zigman
Let's Take a Lifetime / 4:44 Scheff, Walsh, Aaron Zigman
The Pull / 4:18 Lamm, Scheff, P.Wolf
Here With Me (Candle For the Dark) / 4:11 Pankow, Lamm, Greg O'Connor
Plaid / 4:49 Champlin, Lamm, Greg Mathieson
Cry For the Lost / 5:01 Champlin, Dennis Matkowsky
Get On This / 4:31 Bailey, Pankow, Felicia Parazaider
The Show Must Go On / 5:08 Champlin, Mathieson
Gäst musiker och sångare
Jerry Scheff - bass on "Bigger Than Elvis"
The Jordanaires - backing vocals on "Bigger Than Elvis"
Joseph Williams - backing vocals on "Let's Take A Lifetime"
Peter Wolf - producer, arranger, keyboard bass, keyboards, arranging, synth "soprano sax" solo on "Let's Take A Lifetime"
Sheldon Reynolds - guitar
Bruce Gaitsch - guitar

Produced by Peter Wolf
Engineered by Peter Wolf & Paul Ericksen
Recorded at Embassy Studios in Simi Valley, CA 1993
The Jordanaires recorded in Nashville, TN in 1993

Mixed by Tom Lord Alge at Encore Studios
Burbank, CA in 1993 and 1994